Raw Materials

Ahrens Bicycles uses only the finest materials during the build process. Our current material selection includes both steel and aluminum. Both materials are TIG welded to produce lightweight frames suitable for racing or everyday riding. Please see below for more details on these two favorites.


Steel has been the primary choice for frame builders for many years. Grade 4130 (chromoly) is readily available, very durable, easy to work with and has excellent mechanical properties. When used properly, chromoly steel can offer an excellent ride quality unmatched by other materials such as aluminum and titanium. Highly engineered tubesets reduce overall frame weight through extensive butting without sacrificing strength.

SUPPLIERS: Reynolds, Columbus, True Temper, Dedacciai, Tange and Nova


Aluminum is used for its excellent strength to weight ratio. Grades such as 6061 and 7005 are easy to machine and provide stout structures. Butted tubing from Easton Sports provide thick walls in high stress areas and thin walls in low stress areas. Larger cross-section tubes provide stiffness while increasing frame rigidity and responsiveness.

Ahrens Bicycles uses primarily Easton 7005 material since proper heat treating can be consistently achieved. For our most weight-conscious customers, this grade can be combined with Easton Scandium to provide even lighter structures!

SUPPLIERS: Easton Sports, Columbus and Nova

Aluminum Frame Components

Ahrens Bicycles has developed a unique set of modular frame components to complement our aluminum frame designs. These parts include custom rear dropouts, upper yokes and lower yokes machined from 7005 bar stock. These parts can be used to produce a variety of single-speed or geared frames with the following wheel sizes:

26"/ 650B / 29" / 700c

Combining our modular parts with well-selected tubing and intelligent geometry provides a distinct ride quality unlike any other aluminum frame on the market. When descending, riders will experience torsional flex similar to steel but without the added weight. When accelerating during transitions, cornering and climbing, riders will experience immediate response from the tuned rear triangle.

Progressive builders such as Paul Sadoff (Rock Lobster), Jason Grove (El Camino), Joe DePaemelaere (Primus Mootry), Chris Herting (3D Racing), Chris Kopp (Chris Kopp Bicycle Works), and Brendan Collier (Siren) have endorsed these designs and even use them on their personal bikes! Through our involvement in the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Ahrens Bicycles is actively promoting these designs to other custom frame builders.

Fabrication Methods

Below is the basic fabrication process used at Ahrens Bicycles:

  • Incoming inspection is performed on all raw materials
  • Selected tubes are mitered, deburred and fit-checked together
  • Frame members are TIG welded together within the welding fixture
  • Frame alignment #1 is performed after the welding process is complete
  • Aluminum frames are heat treated per Easton's guidelines
  • Frames are powdercoated, stickered and liquid clear coated
  • Frame alignment #2 is performed prior to final prep
  • Final frame prep includes tapping/facing/reaming all critical surfaces

Each step is closely monitored to provide the highest quality frames for our customers.